TEC Offer: Magnetic stirrer with incorporated wireless sensor/s for measuring of PH and/or other parameters in shaked liquids

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Vie, 2010-01-01 00:00 to Mar, 2013-01-01 00:00

CSIC has designed a device combining a magnetic stirrer with one/several wireless sensors obtaining a single device that shakes the sample and controls the parameters of it without using electrical wiring. This allows usability complete sealing of the container, “real time” control and measurement and a device size reduction. The organization is looking for companies interested in licensing the patent and collaborates on the development of applications.

And offer for Patent Licensing and/or R+D+i collaboration

Mix up and measurement with a single device

The magnetic stirrer is the most common device used when is necessary to shake constantly a liquid sample to keep its components uniformly distributed throughout it. The Magnetic Stirrer has two parts: a small magnet bar (fly), usually covered by a plastic layer, and a magneto-rotatory (covered by a plate that can hold liquid containers) to create a rotating magnetic field.

During the stirring process, the measurement of parameters in the fluid can often be complex. This situation is even more complicated when it's necessary to maintain tightness, which requires the use of sensors connected by electrical wires and and opening of the container to access to liquid, compromising thus tightness.

The research organisation has developed a device that allows, without compromising the tightness of the container, the stirring of a liquid sample and simultaneously analyze one or several parameters in it using a/several wireless sensor/s.



1 container 2 liquid sample 3 magnetic bar  with wireless sensor 4 sensor coil 5 red-out coil  6 agitation magnet 7 electronic unit 8 display

Wireless sensor integrated on the magnet bar

The sensor in the magnetic bar transmits real-time information of the measured parameter in the sample. The information is received by a read-out coil incorporated in the magneto-rotatory. By changing the bar with the specific sensor, the same device can be used to measure different parameters. The wireless sensors used can be based, for example, on inductive coupling powering and data communication.

Main applications and advantages

  • Mix up of liquid sample and parameters measurement with a single device.
  • Measurement of several parameters with a simple change of the magnetic bar with the specific sensor.
  • Tightness of the container.
  • Usability.
  • Real time measurement and evolution of chemical reaction.

Patent Status

Spanish patent and international protection via PCT applied for

Further information

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