Multisensor system for quality control in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Quality control of products in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries demands to  follow up all phases of production processes. The GTQ has developed a multi-sensor system for the control - online and in real time - of the composition and quality of products according to established quality standards (patterns) in all producion phases: raw materials, by-products and final products.

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Multisensor + Flow system + Pattern recognition program

The multi-sensor system consists of:

  • A set of sensors with different selectivity adapted to each individual product (pH, temperature, conductivity, redox potential, K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca2+ Mg2+, COD, etc.). The sensors are fabricated with microelectronic technology at the IMB-CNM, CSIC.
  • A sampling and manipulation fluid flow system.
  • A multivariate calibration and pattern recognition statistical program (PCA, Neural Networks, PLS).




pH, ions, conductivity, redox potential, …


Chemical composition

Statistical (pattern recognition)

Quality standards

Control of chemical composition and quality standards throughout the production process: raw materials, by-products and final products.

The outcome is a system that allows online and in real time:

  1. To provide global information (pattern /quality standard) of a product or by-product including an organoleptic analysis.
  2. To quantify physical and chemical parameters with the same accuracy as standard methods.

Multisensor Chip to 7 chemical parameters
+ Temperature developed with microelectronic technology.

Multisensor system

Multisensor system

Wine PCA results.

Main applications and advantages

  • Control of chemical composition.
  • Control of quality standards.
  • Customizable (chemical parameters and quality standards).
  • Applicable to raw materials, by-products and final products.
  • Organoleptic Analysis of final product.
  • In situ measurements.
  • Continuous measurements.

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