IDEs Sensors

IDEs sensors (Interdigitated Electrodes) are solid state electrochemical devices able to detect Conductivity, Temperature and dielectical properties of a sample.

IMB-CNM fabricates several designs of IDS depending on the measurement conditions.


  • Fully CMOS compatible technology with possibility of on chip circuit integration.
  • Standard planar based technologies on different substrates.
  • Noble metal electrodes.
  • Involved materials are compatible with food and beverage processing.
  • Automatic packaging based on thermocurable and photocurable polymers.
  • Special devices adapted to any part of the process equipments.

Device features

  • Small size, adaptable to miniaturized systems
  • Robustness due to non-glass and solid state nature
  • Rapid response time
  • High long-term stability
  • High reliability and reproducibility
  • Low impedance output signal
  • Low cost (mass production)
  • Stores dry, no maintenance required


Simultaneous measurement of  conductivity, Impedance and Temperature.


IDS Chip

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