Solid State Light Emitters

Silicon nano-crystals (Quantum Dots), segregated from a Silicon rich material, either embedded in a SiO2 (SRO) or Si3N4 (SRN) matrix has attracted a great interest due to their potential applications.

Our group has developed a technology able to obtain Silicon based light emitters and detectors starting from SRO obtained by PECVD, LPCVD or Ion Implantation techniques.

LED’s working at pulsed/continuous bias and detectors with a dynamic range extended up to the UV are the main achievements in this line.

Silicon LEDs and UV-Detectors

Devices based on Silicon Quantum Dots:

  • Ion Implanted LED emitting at 5 V.
  • PECVD-LED with 0,1% Efficiency.
  • LPCVD-LED working under pulsed/continuous voltage.
  • UV-Detectors: 200-1000 nm.

MOS like Silicon emitter

Spectra obtained for different materials

Nanostructured silicon embebed in silicon oxide matrix


Electroluminiscent capacitors composed with different materials

Transceiver: silicon compatible CMOS light emitter
+ silicon nitride waveguide + silicon photodetector