Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS)

Accurate modulation of light is important in several fields, such as information transport, light industry or biosensing, among others. Non-invasive magnetic or opto-thermal actuation may be a smart alternative for contactless light attenuation/intensification with simple, low-cost and miniaturized instrumentation. GTQ has been pioneer in the development of highly-integrated MOEMS sensitive to external magnetic, opto-thermal or even mechanical stimuli. MOEMS structures developed in GTQ combine new optical elements geometries (e.g. polymeric waveguide-cantilevers, long and narrow structures capable to respond to external stimuli where light is confined and guided thus acting as a waveguide) with novel material formulations (e.g. polymeric materials doped with absorbing or magnetic materials) to provide with highly-performance systems capable to quantitatively modulate light intensity in response to external stimuli. 


The range of applications of these low-cost MOEMS is very wide, varying from information transport to biosensing. GTQ is mainly focused in the development of simple and low cost MOEMS for biosensing or monitoring of chemical processes. Some examples include high performance platforms with biosensors for multiparametric analysis of biological samples (e.g. cell cultures, clinical biomarkers, etc.), opto-mechanical systems for microvasculature interrogation or systems for plant growth monitoring.  

Image of the opto-mechanical system (microbridle)
for small-size arterial diameter assessment.
Images of the response of magneto-sensitive
waveguide-cantilevers fabricated using different technologies
(SLT: soft-lithographylength; IJP: Inkjet printing)