WIDESENS project: Real time sensors network for physical and chemical monitoring at water distribution systems.


WIDESENS project: Real time sensors network for monitoring physical and chemical parameters at water distribution systems.


The supply of clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental requirement of the European Drinking Water Directive. The WIDESENS project, coordinated by Wellness Telecom in Spain, has secured €1 m EU funding to address this by developing a novel analytical probe that will be economically viable for widespread use in water networks. 

This multi-parametric probe will use new sensor technology to measure pH, conductivity, bio-fouling, redox-potential and chlorine which will provide real-time data on water quality. Water pressure will also be measured, which will enable leak detection. The probe will be low-cost, energy efficient, easy to install and will require little maintenance. It will provide valuable information to support management and policy in the water services industry. 

WIDESENS brings together a European consortium formed with three SMEs: Wellness Telecom (Spain), Tellab (Ireland) and Hydrelis (France); and two research centers: IMB-CNM, CSIC (Spain) and Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Mecatronică si Tehnica Masurării, INCDMTM  (Romania). Tellab will exploit this new technology and bring it to market. 

WIDESENS will run for 27 months, and the new technology generated during this time will provide significant benefits for water authorities, public consumers and the environment. It will also inform legislation and provide employment during the commercialisation stage. 

The Chemical transducers Group (GTQ) of the IMB-CNM, CSIC will be the responsible of developing the microsensors for the probe. GTQ is a basic and applied research group specialized in the development of Microsystems for chemical analysis and Lab on a chip (LoC) with applications in areas like agrofood, environment and water management, clinical diagnosis and, in general, the control of industrial processes.