Open Call for developing the readout system for the photonic lab on a DVD in the frame of European project "High-throughput integrated photonic lab-on a-DVD plattforms" (HIP-LAB)

Oferta tecnològica
Tue, 2013-06-04 00:00 to Tue, 2013-06-11 00:00

Open call for developing the following tasks in the frame of the European project entitled “High-throughput integrated photonic lab-on-a-DVD platforms”(HIP-LAB), Grant Agreement nº 209243

Tasks to be developed:

1. Fabrication of four different masters by laser writing to be used in hot embossing equipment, in accordance to the designs discussed and agreed between the subcontractor and CSIC. These designs will include, in a lab on a DVD configuration, photonic and microfluidic systems, together with two different tracks suitable to be read with DVD/Blu-ray heads: i) Aptrack, defining the core of the application. ii) Senstrack, which will determine the type of measurements to be done. Such masters will have the maximum quality in terms of planarity, roughness minimization and layout fidelity. When required, the subcontractor will optimize the master fabrication and the replication procedure so as to achieve roughness below the micrometer level and high quality replica of structures bigger than 10 micrometers. Masters will be kept at the subcontractor’s facilities until the end of the project, when they will be transferred to CSIC.

2. The subsocntractor will provide a minimum quantity of 100 replicas of each master ready to be used and properly packed and sealed.

3. Final layouts and designs will be transferred to CSIC at the end of the contracting period.

Applicants should submit a full proposal and budget no later than June 12th, 2013 to with reference HIPLAB_master.

Technical Requirements