Internship Offer: Master Student practices in the project Microanalytical Systems for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring



This research work is part of a European project aiming to integrate novel microanalytical solutions to address the challenge of real-time environmental monitoring. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a  multidisciplinary team with expertise in environmental science, chemistry and microelectronics.

During the Master Thesis, you will team up with researchers in our group and technicians in the corporate partner Agbar to design and characterize a miniaturized, multiparametric electronic tongue incorporating the solid-state impedimetric, amperometric and potentiometric electrochemical sensors fabricated at the IMB-CNM(CSIC).

Background & skills

  • Finishing a Master’s degree in Chemistry, covering analytical chemistry and biochemistry.
  • Experience with programming (preferably Python).
  • Team player and strong communicator. Capacity to work on own initiative.
  • Good written and spoken English.


To contribute to the development of the microanalytical system based on previous designs by the GTQ. Possible tasks include:

  • Microfluidics and compact flow control design.
  • Characterization of multisensor transient response to diverse water quality events.
  • Formulation and validation of mathematical models in Python to simulate sensors response


Grup de Transductors Químics (GTQ)
Cecilia Jiménez Jorquera