Wenchao Duan

Pre-Doc Researcher
BSc in Chemistry




BSc in Chemistry (2011 – 2015) in College of Chemistry and Materials Science in Hebei Normal University in China. MSc in Inorganic Chemistry (2015 – 2018) in State Key Lab of Crystal Materials in Shandong University in China. During the master thesis, he mainly engaged in the study of metal functional materials, specifically for the noble metal nanocrystals controlled synthesis, assembly and their electrocatalysis (MOR, EOR). On October of 2018, he obtained the CSC grant (China), and became a member of GTQ in CNM and N&N in ICMAB, starting his PhD in Materials Science. He will focus on the development of porous carbon microelectrodes doped with metal nanoparticles that will be used as electrocatalytic sensors for on-site analysis of water contaminants.