Cecilia Jiménez-Jorquera

Senior Researcher
PhD in Chemistry





PhD Cecilia Jimenez is Research Scientist at the Instituto de Microelectronica de Barcelona IMB-CNM, CSIC, Spain. She holds a BSc in Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry both from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. She made a Postdoctoral stage in the Institute of Microtechnology (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) where she worked on amperometric thin film microelectrodes and biosensors. She joined the Chemical Transducer Group (GTQ) at the IMB-CNM in January 2000. She is the Leader of this group from January 2003. She is a member of the Science and Physics Technology Area Committee of the CSIC from July 2008.

She is specialist in the development of (bio)chemical sensors, mainly electrochemical semiconductor-based sensors based on ISFETs (Ion selective Field Effect Transistors), metal thin film microelectrodes,  microelectrode arrays (UMEAs) and interdigitated electrodes. Her research is focused on the fabrication of (bio)sensors modifying the transducers by means of ionic, enzymatic membranes, immunoreagents and nanomaterials and the application of them to areas such as environmental control, industrial processes monitoring, mainly in food industry, clinical and biomedical analysis and cellular culture’s monitoring. She is also specialist in the development of integrated analytical systems and analytical Microsystems (µTAS).

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