Alfredo Cadarso Busto

Cadarso Busto
Senior Technical
Chemistry Degree





Specialized Advanced Degree from CSIC at the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM (CSIC). He has a university degree in Chemistry from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 1997 and the title of Basic Level Technician for Prevention in Occupational Hazards by the CSIC Training Department. He has worked on characterization and encapsulation by microelectronic technology with chemical transducers (ISFETs, IDS, multi-sensor and UMEA's) and on development and characterization of reference electrodes for flow systems. Currently, he is working at IMB-CNM as head of the Laboratories of General Chemistry and Chemical Transducers and also for the Chemical Transducers Group (GTQ) carrying out tasks as Head of Quality Control.