Alexandre Moreno Diaz

Moreno Diaz
Pre-Doc Researcher
BSc in Chemistry




Alexandre Moreno obtained the “Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry” (2013-2017), followed by the “Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry and Research” (2017-2018), both by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In the degree final project, computational methods DFT were utilized to study the mechanism of methylamine formation in interstellar medium by successive hydrogenations of hydrogen cyanide. He completed the master final project in the GTQ group of the IMB-CNM and in the chemical physics group of the UAB on the development of reversible and monitorable biosensors. The study focused on photoelectrochromic compounds, which could be reversibly triggered to the initial form by stimuli such as electromagnetic radiation or electrical potential.

He currently works in the GTQ group of the National Center of Microelectronics, where, with the UAB, will start the doctorate. The doctoral thesis will focus on the development of technologies for the sensorization of gas and water distribution networks.